Olivedon is a technology focused business in the graduate recruitment and employability services sector. Olivedon own and develop gradintel.com.
Our mission is to transform the efficiency of the transition from higher education to work or further study, serving three main customer groups.

Students, graduates and alumni
Olivedon provides students, graduates and alumni of partner universities with HEAR and document services. We also provide personal employability profiles, online assessments and opportunity matching services to help our users to get connected to well qualified and interesting opportunities.

Universities and colleges
On behalf of universities and colleges, we produce and manage official documents, e-transcripts, degree certificates and the HEAR and provide associated online document services to their students, graduates and alumni.
We also provide an integrated software system to support improved graduate employability - including support for university careers services and academic departments in delivering opportunity matching services and agency services on behalf of recruiters.
Our technology delivers improved business relationship management and enables new online services to support improved employability and alumni engagement.
Olivedon has licenced Tribal to be its exclusive distributor of the Gradintel software to universities and colleges.

We make it easier for employers and other opportunity providers to recruit well qualified candidates for their graduate-level opportunities.

For further information about the work of Olivedon, please contact enquire@olivedon.com

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